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May 18, 2008

Costa Rica Day 4 and 5

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It’s Thursday night before dinner. Just catching up on the events of the last couple of days. Wednesday we surveyed most of the day – the main trails of Haciendu Baru in the morning, then up the slopes towards the overnight camp during the afternoon. The afternoon trip was especially beautiful, and we met up with the group that had hiked up to the top of the ridge, then back down, to connect the surveys.


We saw monkeys in both the morning and afternoon. They were especially active during the late afternoon hike back down the ridge. See flickr for snapshots. I didn’t take too many photos since we were so busy. Surveying got easier as we went. The challenge was getting a decent compass reading on some of the steeper slopes. The work was tedious but pretty rewarding when we saw the final survey. Stayed up late talking GIS with Kate, Travis, and Warren.


Thursday morning. Not feeling well at all. We had a choice to stay for detailed GIS instruction or survey in the river or up near the overnight camp towards the Firestone property. I volunteered for the latter if they needed bodies, but they had enough, so I stayed put. Probably a wise choice based on how I was feeling, but it sounds like both groups had great and strenuous hikes. As the groups left, they caught site of a baby sloth in a tree near the trail. We went over to snap some pictures. It was really close, so I got some great shots. Man, they don’t even look real and are definitely low energy – like me on Saturday morning.

Rain moved in just as the groups were returning. The group that went up to the overnight camp ran into an fer-de-lance. Pedro, the guide for this section, lightly stepped on the head of this highly venomous snake and pinned it with a forked branch, while the rest of the group snapped some photos. Keith said he’d send the shots, and I’ll post his pics soon. It looks like the snake was hot on the trail of lunch, a garter snake, and his would-be prey was also caught on film.

A little more GIS work in the afternoon. I opted out of gathering GPS data on the nearby trails and volunteered to pick up the group hiking the 5k road back to Baru in the car as the storms rolled in. They were pretty close by the time I caught up with them. Pretty low energy day, but I learned a lot of GIS details.

Haven’t had access to phone or internet since Tuesday, so I hope Susannah and the kids aren’t too worried. But there’s really no way to contact them. Hopefully I can put in a call on Friday to them from the Firestone station.

We take a trip back to San Jose up the steep side tomorrow, then head out Saturday morning for home. It’s been a great trip so far! Can’t wait to see Susannah and the kids though.

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